About Blazys Metalcraft

Early on, I began to repair and build bicycles. This interest encouraged me to weld the equipment on our family farm. I also found enjoyment in restoring garden tractors. In high school I excelled in metals, tech drawing, and woodworking.

After high school I accepted an apprenticeship where I learned how to do mig, tig and arc welding, as well as work with a variety of metals. This opportunity taught me how to become proficient in repair work, in addition to mastering the task of rebuilding commercial equipment. In terms of designing, we manufactured small tumbling machines and stainless steel cleaning systems from start to finish.

Over the past several years I have developed an interest in restoring old Chevy trucks. My present project entails restoring a 1948 Chevy pick-up truck.

At Blazys welding fabrication shop, people call with an idea, my job is to make their idea into a part or a product!

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